Monday, June 11, 2012

Geometric stamps - Do it Yourself

Geometric shapes are a big trend in 2012! This is a very simple way to make geometric stamps and refashion all your dull objects!

*carving tools
*exacto knife
*stamping ink
*wooden toy blocks *pen

You can start from the easiest way. Cut the eraser rubber in squares and triangles. Your first geometric stamp is almost ready!

 Next step: mission circle! Draw a circle on the eraser, then cut the excess with the exacto knife and make the finish touches with the round carving tool!
The secret in every stamp you make, is to regularly stamp on a piece of paper and check if the shape has flaws!

You follow the same procedure for every shape, just remember that in repeated shapes you cut only half way down the rubber.

 Carve the shapes you want and then glue them on a wooden block. You have to do that, to ensure that the pressure is equal allover the surface when stamping.

And you are done! You have created a geometric stamp set!
You can restyle decorative objects, make paintings, decorate fabric or even clothes!
Good Stamping!!!!


  1. Είναι υπέροχη ιδέα!
    Είχα φτιάχει στάμπες με χαρτόνι χοντρό, αλλά μετά από λίγο χάλαγαν (όπως ήταν φυσικό!)
    Με χρώματα διαλυμένα σε νερό υποθέτω δεν θα λειτουργήσει, αλλά θα το δοκιμάσω, εφόσον το χρώμα το φτιάξω πηχτό..

  2. Nice! Could make this with my babysitter kids- would be a lot of fun and seems doable :-)) Thank you!!


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