Friday, May 05, 2017

Spring Sunglasses refashion - fix & restyle

What happens when your favourite pair of sunglasses, ends up with a broken arm?

You should know better and use a sunglasses case before throwing them into that huge bag, full of "necessary" stuff you carry around all day long! Ehm..too late!
Well get over it and lets fix this!

• Clean the surfaces. Use a drop of superglue and attach the two pieces together.
• Hold them firmly attached for a minute or two, until the glue dries.
• Pick some embroidery thread (or any other type of thread) in colors of your liking.
• Use a tiny dot of superglue to keep the thread edge in place and start to wrap around the arm. Continue wrapping in different colors, as you would do in a friendship blacelet.
• Avoid overlaping the thread while wrapping for a smooth and bump free result. Secure thread ends with glue.
• Well done!!! Enjoy your new pair of old sunglasses!!!!

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