Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trash finds - Mirror revamp!

As my blog's name says...
i love finding things that are useless to people and throw them away,
and transform them to something useful. This time my trash treasure is a mirror!

It has a golden frame and a few drippings of white paint.
My first thought was to paint its frame. Then i realised that the frame was made of metal and i decided to make something different! Spice it up a little by using fabric instead!
If you like the result, just follow the steps below.

Take it apart.

It will be used for my jewelry exhibitions, so i chose a fabric in black and red
(which will match my shop's colors and the rest of my exhibitional items).
You can choose any fabric you like but remember that by using a thick one, you might end up with ugly folded corners.
Put the empty frame on the fabric and mark its shape, measuring about 2-3cm away of each side (depending on your frame's thickness).

After cutting out the shape, snip the inside corners to help the fabric turn over the frame.

Apply a thin layer of white glue and turn each side of the fabric over,
remembering to stretch it each time.

Repeat the same process for the front side.
Then cut the corners diagonally in order to make neat corner folds.
Then glue the excess fabric on the back, covering the whole frame.

Put the mirror inside the frame, secure the back and...
it is READY!!!
If you need to attach any small parts (such as nail hangers)
just make tiny snips on the fabric and push them through.

What do you think?


  1. i think that's very beautiful idea!!welldone!

  2. very nice idea.. i love this..

  3. Pasxalitsa ti yperoxi idea kai to apotelesma Teleio!!!

  4. Lovely idea Pasxalitsa mou!
    I like :)))

  5. What a great idea!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing this great tutorial!

  6. I think that you just saved me a lot of money, that's what I think! Thanks Pashalo mou it is gorgeous!

  7. I think it looks pretty awesome.
    You're welcome ;-)

  8. This is a wonderful idea!
    And it turned out pretty great.

  9. So lovely!!! Well done spotty!


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