Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog award + 7 little things about me

My sweet teammate and wonderful artist Anna,  from AnnukCreations, has awarded my blog!
Thanx Annoula!
And this is how this game works....

By accepting this award, i have to:
* Mention and link back to the person that awarded me
*Share 7 little things about myself
*Award 15 other bloggers that i like 
*inform them that they have won this award,
and that by accepting, they have to repeat these steps themselves

7 little secret things about me
  1. i love to touch bas relief surfaces and imaginary draw over them, with my fingers following the pattern!
  2. when i was a child i always walked stooping, because i wanted to make sure that i didn't step on any ants! I believed that up in the sky lived the giants and from up there we looked like ants to them!
  3. I love the sound of ice-cubes in a glass and the sound of heels on the pavement!
  4. When washing the dishes, i place them on the drier by size and cutlery by type
    (of course knives always go with the sharp edge downwards!!)
  5. I sing loudly all day long!
  6. When something makes me sad or angry, i grab it off my chest and throw it to the sea!
  7. i love to jump on sewer lids and make noise!

 And my awarded bloggers would be:


    1. Thank you so much, Maria, for sharing and awarding my blog!

    2. He he he!!!Love your little secrets one by one!

    3. You are so sweet, Maria mou!
      It's been a great pleasure to share this little award with you! And I loved reading your little secrets! :)

    4. Wow -nice 'new' things about you!
      Many thanks fo thinking of me <3
      I'll make a blogpost asap!
      Love Eva

    5. ευχαριστώ πολύ!!!!!!!!!

    6. Haha! re pasxalw! souper! lol :D


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