Wednesday, July 20, 2011

La Valise Rouge * part II

Once upon a time...
there was a  very sad, brown suitcase. She was very old and dirty and nobody wanted her anymore!
She was left next to the trash bin, all alone!

Luckily, Mrs L was passing by after a while. She saw the poor suitcase standing there, terrified that the garbage truck with the huge teeth would come soon.. 
Mrs L thought "this one can become a masterpiece!"and took her home. She washed, repaired, painted the suitcase red and she also drew black dots everywhere!

She knew it was a girl-suitcase and she named her Sweet Case!
Mrs L thought it was the most beautiful sweetcase in the whole world! 

Sweet Case sat on the couch with Mrs L and smiled at her! She whispered: "you are my friend now! you took good care of me" and smiled again with her new red handle.

Time passed and Sweet Case thought that she wasn't just a livingroom suitcase! She was meant to travel! She thanked Mrs L , and said that she had to move on, and become what she was supposed to be!

She packed herself and closed the door behind her! She was ready for a big adventure! Took a deep breath and moved on!

She was waiting outside the elevator door when a thought crossed her mind: "you learn more using the hard way".

So she turned around and started climbing down the stairs...

 Nobody had seen her for a long time! She sent a postcard once saying that she was travelling around the world and that she had so much more to see!!

A few months  after, Mrs L heard a continuous banging noise coming from the stairs! She opened the door and saw Sweet Case climbing up the stairs breathless!

She didn't even say hello! She went inside the house, took her place on the couch, took a few more breaths, then looked Mrs L in the eyes an said:
"I've travelled around the world , i've seen so many things... but i am empty without a friend!"


  1. So, what happened next? Come on, Mrs L! We want more of this amazing story with your fabulous Sweet Case!

  2. So sweet story and... wow!! for giving new life to the suitcase! I have a friend a her here in my house. They have to catch up sometime. :)

  3. The new suitcase is plain wonderful!
    I loved the story too!

  4. υπεροχο ποστ !!! θελω κι εγω ενα τετοιο βαλιτσακι χχχ

  5. Sooooooo sweet story!!!!!!
    Sooooooo Sweet Case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ah, polka dots! The story is souper sweet!!! Love your creativity and every single dot of your gorgeous new friend, SweetCase!

  7. Awwwwwww I LOVED the story and I LOVED the suitcase!!! Thank you for making me smile today! :)

  8. WOW!!! Love your story! and love your suitcase!
    Maria you rock! :)

  9. I am so jealous of Sweet Case's adventures...super cute Polka!

  10. Loved this story. Could make a nice children's book.


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