Monday, August 15, 2011

As seen on "August vacation"

I am back from a wondrous 3 week trip!
I have seen some pretty amazing things during my trip that i couldn't wait to share!

The great august full moon was waiting for my departure, to keep me company on the deck! 

I've met a few amazing little creatures on the way... like these hugging two.

My dog was also a big star!!! He loves backgammon especially when he sleeps in it.. and nobody can play that noisy game!

I made a very serious friend, Mr Seagull. He never smiled!

A bit further i meet two ducks. They were the best swimmers in the lake!

Arriving back to the sea water was a big surprize!!!
My feet had the warmest welcome by a flock of tiny party fish!

Then i got thursty... but luckily a found some lions working as waiters....and they were surving water! 

I saw some little stones, climbing on bigger stones... i think somebody was trying to make a beach stonehenge!

Then i saw a big rock lying on tiny ones... mabe she got the game wrong...

And somewhere before i get tired, i met a huge rock, that was coolen his feet in water tunnels!
I thought that was a nice place to rest and ask the wise big rock, to feed my hunger of querries.

My "official"
 summer vacation is over.... Well it was a wonderful and relaxing back to reallity...there's a burning hot winter straight ahead!


  1. Wonderful photos, Maria!!!!!!! They are so full of poetry... I'm sure you had wonderful holidays, and the beautiful memories and pictures will stay with you for a long time!

  2. Maraki, XRONIA SOU POLLA! Na xairesai to onoma sou!Polla filia!
    Kai fotografies einai para poly omorfes!

  3. That looks like you had a good time!
    Now, welcome back!

  4. Welcome back Pasxalitsa!!! I just loved your amazing photos and I was so glad to hear that you had such a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. sti Sougia vre8ikes 8arw
    mia mera poy eixe zesto kairo
    oi petres sta podia soy filioyntan
    th nyxta poy ta tzitzikia ekoimoyntan
    kai to feggari sto kentro toy oyranoy
    fwtize tis ox8es toy xeramenoy potamoy
    kai kapoy edw lew na valw telos
    se ayto to poihma poy den egrapse o O8elos
    alla egw etsi xwris logo
    apla kai mono gia na soy pw
    ena geia kai para polla filia

    Omject the last of the damned poets

  6. ..ena rigos diaperna ta pitsilwta mou ftera
    kai ena dakry kula kathws anagnwskw autous tous stixous...
    Xaire romantike mpoihth...


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