Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday moodboard - Keep me warm!

1. CreationsbyEve     2. Lasunka
3. Eidrasa      4.Sidirom

Today its really cold, here!!! Need something soft and cozy to keep warm.

So the mood today smells like hot chocolate.... tastes like hot veggie soup...
and feels like a warm hug while watching the rain!
Have a nice week!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog award + 7 little things about me

My sweet teammate and wonderful artist Anna,  from AnnukCreations, has awarded my blog!
Thanx Annoula!
And this is how this game works....

By accepting this award, i have to:
* Mention and link back to the person that awarded me
*Share 7 little things about myself
*Award 15 other bloggers that i like 
*inform them that they have won this award,
and that by accepting, they have to repeat these steps themselves

7 little secret things about me
  1. i love to touch bas relief surfaces and imaginary draw over them, with my fingers following the pattern!
  2. when i was a child i always walked stooping, because i wanted to make sure that i didn't step on any ants! I believed that up in the sky lived the giants and from up there we looked like ants to them!
  3. I love the sound of ice-cubes in a glass and the sound of heels on the pavement!
  4. When washing the dishes, i place them on the drier by size and cutlery by type
    (of course knives always go with the sharp edge downwards!!)
  5. I sing loudly all day long!
  6. When something makes me sad or angry, i grab it off my chest and throw it to the sea!
  7. i love to jump on sewer lids and make noise!

 And my awarded bloggers would be:

    Trash finds - Mirror revamp!

    As my blog's name says...
    i love finding things that are useless to people and throw them away,
    and transform them to something useful. This time my trash treasure is a mirror!

    It has a golden frame and a few drippings of white paint.
    My first thought was to paint its frame. Then i realised that the frame was made of metal and i decided to make something different! Spice it up a little by using fabric instead!
    If you like the result, just follow the steps below.

    Take it apart.

    It will be used for my jewelry exhibitions, so i chose a fabric in black and red
    (which will match my shop's colors and the rest of my exhibitional items).
    You can choose any fabric you like but remember that by using a thick one, you might end up with ugly folded corners.
    Put the empty frame on the fabric and mark its shape, measuring about 2-3cm away of each side (depending on your frame's thickness).

    After cutting out the shape, snip the inside corners to help the fabric turn over the frame.

    Apply a thin layer of white glue and turn each side of the fabric over,
    remembering to stretch it each time.

    Repeat the same process for the front side.
    Then cut the corners diagonally in order to make neat corner folds.
    Then glue the excess fabric on the back, covering the whole frame.

    Put the mirror inside the frame, secure the back and...
    it is READY!!!
    If you need to attach any small parts (such as nail hangers)
    just make tiny snips on the fabric and push them through.

    What do you think?

    Sunday, October 09, 2011

    Sudden rain...

    ..suddenly thousands of freshly squeezed raindrops started to run to the finish line!
    The ground! What a race!!
    Some of them took the short way by sliding over "the umbrella waterslides park".
    (some serious passion was hiding under the park!)

     Some others fell on a piece of paper and mixed some colors! They became really good friends and decided to take a trip to Paris together!

    It was a very long way...some of them start dancing their way down, like real ballerinas
    ...some others got bored and went fishing!

     There were too many winners!!
    Tired but happy, they smiled and standed still to get their portraits done!

     The success was so great that some creatures decided to make a play to remember that fantastic race!
    They dedicated this ode to..raindrops!

    Monday, October 03, 2011

    Monday Moodboard - Sleepy...

    1. hokata  2.AlbaMarina
    3.happyapplebumblebee 4. Terry Creations

    The mood today is a bit sleepy...but very colorful and creative!
    Inspired by the dream world!
    Happy Monday!

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