Saturday, January 16, 2016

FREE Printable Calendar 2016 | 12 Crafty Coloring Pages

Happy new year everyone!
I thought it would be fun to make a calendar with a crafty theme, for the new year. I started doodling on a sketch pad and here's what came out!

I'm very happy to share it with you!
You can download 12 different pages (one for each month) + 1 calendar cover in two sizes.
Choose the size you like, download from the links at the end of this post and print it yourself. 
I've attached two diferent sizes: 
• A4 - 21 x 29,7cm - to be printed full page
• A5 - 14,85 x 21cm - each file includes 2 -A5 pages to print in a full A4 (and avoid paper waste)

*The ideal paper weight is at least 160gsm

You can display it in black & white or color it yourself!
Twelve craft themed coloring pages for a relaxed evening by the fireplace.

 Display it on a stand or attach a board clip and hang it on the wall.

Click the link of the preffered size and then click on the download arrow on the top center of the page to start downloading the files.

 I hope you have fun coloring it and find a lovely spot to style it in your craft room!

Where would you place it??? I'ld love to know If you like it and see what you have done with it! Please share your impressions and photo links in the comment section below! :-)

FREE Printable Calendar 2016 | 12 Crafty Coloring Pages
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