Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Extraordinaries: The soul of instruments

Ι'm really happy to announce a new series of posts, called : Extraordinaries!
I'll present some jaw-dropping things that i find and they just can't be passed by. This series is inaugurated by WoW-Amazing photography. Enjoy!

Näher an der Klassik”~ Closer to the classic

"Closer to the classic" was the name of a print campaign for Berlin's Philharmonic Orchestra in 2012.
The original concept came from Mona Sibai and Björn Ewers and it came to life through the lens of Mierswa & Kluska.

They have used macro shots of the instruments interiors! These breath taking images give you the impression that you can even dance inside the instruments!

 The fantastic lights and the spacious feeling create an amazing atmosphere!

 Wood and metal, shades, lights, surface play their own music for the eyes.

...you can almost hear it...

Mierswa & Kluska is a collective project of two amazing fashion photographers, Andreas and Markus currently based in Munich.
You can check their work here: http://www.mierswa-kluska.de

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  1. Jaw droping for sure! This is love! Love!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!


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