Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chasing buttons: At the school

DIARY PAGE TWO: At the school of "people"!

We traveled around the city for a few days. Big streets, big buildings, big metallic boxes, big loud voices, big loud fuss! Everything is so big in this city! We talked with Mrs Cigarette Butts, young poet Piece Ofpaper and Mr Chewing Gum. Very interesting points of view i have to admit! We've also had a lovely conversation with Mr Ant. He was very willing to answer our peculiar queries. Amongst all the amazing things, he said that these funny creatures called "people" use big buildings with lots of rooms, as learning houses!!! Absurd! They call them "schools" and they spend a great deal of time in there. We had to visit!!

 There was actually a "school" very close to our location. It was enormous, with dull rooms, everything was painted in the same boring colors, and the decoration was terrible! Empty walls, no furniture, just some wooden chairs and some things like tables. We assume that people who spend their time in here, must have a lack of imagination and really bad taste!

I personally found a new friend, Ms Chalk. She lives on a rectangular piece of wood, called "blackboard", which is actually green.
"This place is wearing me off! Every little thing i do for people, sends me one step closer to the end of my days!" she said.
We chitchatted for a while. She was a lady of many talents! She even offered to make a portrait of me and my daughter.

The time had come. We had to move on. Some arrogant fellow mates, wouldn't leave without having their portraits done. Ms Chalk was upset. "Eat my dust" she said, and left them standing there alone.

Very strange things, those "people" do. We have to learn more. I guess this adventure will take us to paths we never imagined walking...

B.W. Button

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  1. What an inspired story!
    I can't wait to see the next adventures of Ms Button and her daughter!


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