Thursday, May 08, 2014

People Creating Magic: FabulousCatPapers + giveaway!!!

This girl makes japanese notebooks. This girl embroiders. You will be thrilled to see what amazing things she creates combining these two. She conveys creatures and objects  from the 3d world on 2dimensional  paper surfaces. The form is scattered and recombined dot by dot on a new level. The thread turns to paint and the needle turns to brush. Notebooks or pieces of art?

Everyone, meet Chara from Greece. The wizard of "FabulousCatPapers".

  People Creating Magic, the game of fives
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1.  Who are you and what kind of magic do you make?
I'm Chara and at this time of my life, I make Japanese notebooks, lately embroidered. I love paper embroidery, and I like the unusual.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Everywhere! Japan of course that I admire in many ways, but also from nature, sciences, anatomy, arts, other people's interests and so many more.
It's kind of an infinite list, I think almost everything is interesting in some way.

3.   What are your favorite materials and tools?
All kinds of papers, threads, needles and my little awl!

4.   What did you want to be, when you were a child?
Many things… astronaut, teacher, dancer, singer, scavenger (!)

5.  What was the first thing you ever made?
Not really sure, since the most vivid memories of mine are of times I actually destroyed things so as to understand how they were made of.
So, I have to say, smashing a watch with a hammer at the age of 5.
I have smashed many things, and continue to do so,  before actually creating.


1. What would you be, if you were a color? 
Charcoal I think…

2. What would you be, if you were a sound? 
Atonal music.

3. What would you be, if you were an animal? 
A cat of course…

4. What would you be, if you were an object? 
A road

5. Who would you be, if you weren’t yourself? 
One of my beloved friends I hope!


1.  A moment of the creating process:
The anxiety to see the final product after the work is complete, to never really know from the beginning if it will be be beautiful…

2. One word that defines you as an artist:

3.  One word that defines you as a person:

4.  Something you love and something you hate:
Friend I adore, circumstances I hate.

But this is a big chapter…. 

5.  Five facts people do not know about you:
I am an open (note)book, no secrets here.   ;-)




✿ G I V E A W A Y  

Chara is giving my blog readers the chance to win this AMAZING handmade A5 notebook, pictured above!
TO ENTER: leave a comment to this post saying which one is your favorite item from FabulousCatPapers shop.
Then use the rafflecopter app below to validate your entry and push the +1arrow on the right side of every option to read what you have to do for extra entries and more chances to win!!! 
This is an international giveaway.

The giveaway will be on until May 31st 12:00am.
The winner will be announced on June 1st!

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GOOD LUCK everyone!!!!  
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