Saturday, March 22, 2014

DiY: Make an Embroidered Canvas Wall Hanging

I have a huge crush on embroidery lately! Well Ι'm not a really conventional i was thinking about embroidering on something further than fabric? or maybe an object? I decided to start the safe way, with something very close to fabric: painting canvas.

You will need:

◄ Canvases in two sizes
◄ Embroidery floss
◄ Needle
◄ Coloring Pencils
◄ Branch
◄ Beads
◄ Drill (optional)

Draw your design on the canvas. Use the right colored pencil according to the matching thread of each line.

Thread your needle and start stitching on the lines. Change thread color when necessary.

Use the appropriate kind of stitch depending on your design.

Finish all the little canvases. 

Create a more detailed embroidery design on the large canvases.

When you have finished all the canvases, play around with the possitioning to decide the arrangement. For example, i made two bicycles which will be on the bottom of the arrangement. The cloud and butterfly will be hanged above the bikes and the flowers next to the bicycles on the "supposed" land line. You can hang each on a different string or combine some on the same one, but in differend heights.

 Use a very small drill to make holes n the canvas. Push the string through the holes.

Pull a bead through the end of the string. Make a big knot at the very end. This will hold the string in place.

Choose a lovely long branch and hang your artwork according to the desired arrangement.

..and you are done! We've just brought spring inside while creting a lovely wall decoration!

Two days ago, we celebrated the 1st Day of Spring! I've  filled the vases with wild flowers and made a Spring embroidery canvas wall hanging. Do you have any craft ideas on how to bring spring colors in the house? Share in the comments bellow!
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