Saturday, July 20, 2013

Giveaway winner!!!! #notAjewelry


On the last post we met Petra from notAjewelry shop. She offered my readers an amazing pair of silver earrings! The giveaway has ended and we have a WINNER!!!!!
Drumroll please!!!!! 

...ta da! 
and the winner is:

☺ Χαρουλα Ν. - entry number no 399 ☺

second runner up (in case of not reachable winner):  
Cláudia Martinho

Thank you all for participating!!!

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

People Creating Magic: notAjewelry + giveaway!!!

Today i have the pleasure to host an incredible jewelry artist! When i first met her little wonders online the only thing i could say was "WOW!!!".

She has a great sense of balance and contrast and you will fall in love with her regularly irregular forms! A graphic designer who also creates very original pieces of contemporary jewelry and from the little i know her, i would dare to say a person with a great sense of humor!

Everyone, meet Petra from Croatia. The wizard of "notAjewelry".

  People Creating Magic, the game of fives
 Petra Podnarcuk •


1. What kind of magic do you make?

It is about contemporary jewelry most from silver, brass and copper combined with alternative materials such as cotton, metal colors, wool or wood. 
6th grade

2. Where does your inspiration come from?

I would say the m Most of the pieces, especially unique ones, are named after unforgettable moments, stories and thoughts. Sometimes inspiration comes from the book, social approaches or food :D 

3. What are your favorite materials and tools?

I am in love with silver and it's spectra of various textures and raw colors. Still now days, I often find myself in love with it's final esthetic touch. I like to work with tools connected to the sound. All kinds of hammers, drills, sledges...         

4. What did you want to be, when you were a child?

An air - hostess :D

5. What was the first thing you ever made?

It all began when I started playing with metal, creating sculptures and ornaments - not particularly intending to produce a piece of jewelry, rather just trying to "pin down" something that inspired me and leave a sign.

rabarbar in a glass of milk

1. What would you be, if you were a color?
2. What would you be, if you were a sound? 
Silence. mixed with surroundings
3. What would you be, if you were an animal? 
4. What would you be, if you were an object?   
swimming glasses
5. Who would you be, if you were weren’t yourself? 
I don't have a clue

1. A moment of the creating process:
Idea. Communication. Building. Full point. Smile. Communication.
2. One word that defines you as an artist.
3. One word that defines you as a person. 
4. Something you love and something you hate.
Smile and Injustice
5. Five facts people do not know about you. 
That would be facts I don't know about myself

thinking out of the box

I am always trying to give my creations names inspired with their final form, thus giving them a personal touch. This is why every piece has its own story.

which color our sledge are




G I V E A W A Y  


Petra is giving my blog readers the chance to win an AMAZING pair of silver drops earrings, pictured above!
To enter, leave a comment below saying which one is your favorite item from notAjewelry shop.
Then use the rafflecopter app below to validate your entry and push the +1arrow on the right side of every option and read what you have to do for more entries!

The contest will be on until July 20th 12:00am.
The winner will be announced on July 21st!
GOOD LUCK everyone!!!!
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