Monday, August 15, 2011

As seen on "August vacation"

I am back from a wondrous 3 week trip!
I have seen some pretty amazing things during my trip that i couldn't wait to share!

The great august full moon was waiting for my departure, to keep me company on the deck! 

I've met a few amazing little creatures on the way... like these hugging two.

My dog was also a big star!!! He loves backgammon especially when he sleeps in it.. and nobody can play that noisy game!

I made a very serious friend, Mr Seagull. He never smiled!

A bit further i meet two ducks. They were the best swimmers in the lake!

Arriving back to the sea water was a big surprize!!!
My feet had the warmest welcome by a flock of tiny party fish!

Then i got thursty... but luckily a found some lions working as waiters....and they were surving water! 

I saw some little stones, climbing on bigger stones... i think somebody was trying to make a beach stonehenge!

Then i saw a big rock lying on tiny ones... mabe she got the game wrong...

And somewhere before i get tired, i met a huge rock, that was coolen his feet in water tunnels!
I thought that was a nice place to rest and ask the wise big rock, to feed my hunger of querries.

My "official"
 summer vacation is over.... Well it was a wonderful and relaxing back to reallity...there's a burning hot winter straight ahead!

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